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Best Tattoo Parlour in KolkataWe believe in hard work, ability & dignity and you are the judged. So many long time we are show our creativity and surprised our client and when they are amazed and saying wow that is our achievement and we forget our tiredness and reloaded for another wow it's all about for your smile, thank you guys.

According to a recent statistical study, thirty six percent of people, mostly women, felt way sexier and confident after getting inked and twenty eight percent felt more attractive. Also, it has been noted that twenty nine percent of those felt more rebellious.

Getting inked is a big decision. Tattoos are far more than merely a bodily ornament. It is the strongest form of self-expression and we very well understand that and thus we are delightfully proclaimed as the best tattoo parlour in Kolkata with affordable price. Yes, we at Thunder World tattoos firmly conjecture in our potential to deliver the best and secure a first rate experience for all our customers.

In our multitudinous years of practice, we have exhibited our creativity in the best possible manner and achieved a long string of satisfied and contented clients. We endeavor to perform our task with utmost dedication in order to proffer the best tattooing experience to our customers, may it be a consultation advice, application of tattoo or any after care help and advice.

For years, our tattoo center in Kolkata has earned global reputation as a leading tattoo parlour near you, extending outstanding services and persistently surpassing all health department norms and regulatory standards. We constantly toil and pitch in our deepest efforts just to encounter that satisfactory smile on our customers faces which makes us forget all our tiredness and rejuvenates us.

Tattoos on our bodies can be done in a million design patterns. It just needs to match ones essence as well as their personality. It is a form of self-assertion which is presented to the outside world. When looking to get a tattoo, you will come across numerous tattoo studios in Kolkata. Thunder World tattoos is indubitably the best tattoo parlour in Kolkata, working with an array of the best tattoo artists in Kolkata, who are always delighted to entertain you for walk-ins and appointments.

As a tattoo studio in Kolkata, we know that tattoos are an important part of your body as they are something you will wear for life. Each person has their own idiosyncratic style. All our tattoo artists very well understand that and employ their skills to furnish the best experience with high quality artwork that will meet all expectations and also stand the test of time.

Our customers are more than welcome to bring in any kind of thoughts, ideas or reference materials that they have. We will amalgamate their ideas with our own and finally draw out something unique that has been specially tailored for you in time for your appointment. Needless to say, in case you do not like anything or require any changes, our tattoo artists will rework the design until it matches your precise expectations.

Gone are the days when the only people who had tattoos were sailors and the only part of the body people pierced was their ears. In today’s time, body tattoos and piercings are just everywhere. Thunder world tattoos is the best tattoo centre in Kolkata offering licensed facilities along with all safety procedures just to make your experience pleasant and safe. With us, all your piercings and tattoos are safer than ever. All our tattoo artists as well as body piercers ensure to protect themselves and their clients from a wide range of viruses and bacteria that may enter your body through infected syringes.

As a tattoo parlor in Kolkata, we practice stencil technology for creating amazing tattoos. These stencils can easily be printed from any laptop and can be easily cut out to form striking body art. The stencil is directly applied to the skin and following that, ink is applied on it. By doing this, we enable our customers to have a fair idea of how the tattoo art will look like. We also recommend wearing the tattoo stencil for almost a day so as to make sure that they like the design, size as well as the placement. We take all measures to bring your tattoo to life.

A lot of times, our artists have designed the tattoos on the spot without making use of any stencils or concept sketches. Our grail is to get our customer satisfied and happy with the design. It doesn’t matter how the design is acquired, whether through stencils or freehand. This ranks us among the top tattoo making shops in Kolkata.

Thunder World tattoos predominantly favored as the best tattoo shop in Kolkata, offers proficient services to make the journey of every client a memorable one.

We guarantee complete sterility. Yes, we do! We have displayed authentic certificates in our shop that show proper courses undertaken by our tattoo artists and piercers for the prevention of blood- borne pathogens. All our furniture used in the tattooing area has a water proof barrier that restricts the client from touching the surface. The ink we use for tattooing is initially poured into separate cups and is discarded after use. We make use of Neuma machines as the entire tattoo is autoclavable. All the needles we use are placed through an autoclave. We always try to make our customer comfortable by talking to them. With us by your side, you will have a pleasant experience of getting inked.

We are the best tattoo parlour in Kolkata where all our artists are extremely talented and reflect professionalism through their portfolio. Also our permanent tattoo cost in kolkata is very much affordable. Along with permanent tattoo, we also offer temporary tattoo in kolkata. We are the type of tattoo artist every enthusiast will wait months or even years to visit. Each tattoo we design is a masterpiece in its own. By god’s grace we have never had a client who walked out unsatisfied from our parlour.

So, if you are searching for tattoo places in kolkata, get your first tattoo with us and I assure you, your last will also be with us.

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