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SANTANU CHATTERJEE : Thunder world tattoo studio is owned by one of the best & finest tattoo artist of kolkata,INDIA, Mr. Santanu Chaterjee with 8 years experience of tattoos, painting & art work. He had fascination with painting & all type of categories related to the Arts. Santanu Chatterjee is known as the creator, mentor & trainer & specialist in color tattoo, realistic portrait, dot work, cover up tattoo & custom design. We provide a range of styles & specialties along with cost effective, hygienic tattoo work. We have our creative, professional atmosphere & comfortable space.

RAJIB DAS : Rajib Das is one of the known artist, raised in Kolkata, INDIA. He is working as a tattoo artist since the year of 2010.He is very hard working & passionate about his work. He is concentrating on making a different style with his tattoo work. He is specialist in Mandala tattoo along with other types of tattoos like line work tattoos, hatching work tattoos, geometrical tattoo, dot work tattoo etc.

PRASANT SARDAR : Prasant is one of the best artist of Kolkata, INDIA. He has talent in various art work. He is fascinated with paintings & everything related to the arts. He is constantly strive to provide his clients with the highest quality services at the cost of his ability. He is specialized in line work, Water color, portrait, grey wash tattoo & custom design.

SUBHANKAR SARKAR : Subhankar Sarkar was born & brought up in Kolkata, INDIA & has working as a tattoo artist since 2010. When approaching a tattoo, He favors imagery that proposes a creative challenge for him. He is focusing on drawing & making each piece original for the individual climate. He is specializing in color tattoos, cover up tattoos, grey wash tattoos or shading work as well.

SAHELI BISWAS : Saheli Biswas belongs to Kolkata, INDIA. Saheli is acquainted as an artist for her painting & art works. She gives her best input to satisfy the clients & receive the best quality tattoo work. She is very passionate & focused on her art works. She is specialist in traditional style tattoo, Black tattoo work ,Tribal tattoo, Special color effect tattoo & realism tattoo.

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We are a team of professionals and always try to do unique things. It's not just a work for us. We are help each other like a brother and we work deadly until our highly satisfaction and show our extraordinary skills in this field. We know very well how to trace your ideas and give suggestion what tattoo is best for your skin and make you feel awesome about your tattoo. Our quality is our brand that is why we are give you high quality needles, inks, machine and use high class equipment. While we are tattooing either disposable or sterilized, everything is neat and clean and high sanitation standards. Not only focus on art & fashion it's complete hygiene as well. we got successfully satisfied thousands of clients and our client is our God.

Tattoo art is a passion for artists in Thunder world tattoos - Best Tattoo Maker in Kolkata

The skin becomes the canvas for this magnificent visual art. Young and even elderly people find tattoo art as a means of self-expression besides from its ornamental appeal. Tattoos as a form of body art has now been elevated into a much appreciated contemporary art form.
These days the idea of tattoo art in Kolkata is becoming more popular than ever before.  Tattoos give that unique chance to people to be exclusive and different. They are created when tiny gobs of ink are directly injected into the skin by a needle which is rapidly piercing.  Tattoo art is an amazing blend of technique and inventive design.

Our team comprises of brilliant tattoo artists in Kolkata who are totally committed to developing this primitive art and culture. We are making use of advanced technology, best quality colour pigments and have the latest equipment in order to create high quality tattoos. Beautiful monochrome as well as multi-colour tattoos are designed and made with great degree of graphical detail.

We have a reputation as one of the best tattoo parlours in Kolkata, where we offer a variety of beautifully designed tattoos. You can have tattoos done by one of our best tattoo artists in Kolkata who are adept at creating beautiful coloured tattoos, and make exemplary fine dot work and spectacular portraits. Not only this, they are the creator, guide and trainer of this workshop and craft unique tattoo designs for men in Kolkata. They are the most renownedtattoodesigners in Kolkata who have a natural flair for this art and can customise ingenious designs according to your specific preference.

The visionary and creative team of Thunder World Tattoos is also known for their brilliant techniques in making accurate geometrical designs. They surely are the masters at creating stunning patterns. This is not only sheer work for them but an expression of art and culture in its finest visual form. Our inspired artists work for inner satisfaction and are always keen to give their best to their customers. We can conjure original ideas to suit your taste and preference. Not only this, we have the most dedicated team of exemplary tattoo makers in Kolkata, who are proficient in technique as well as design and give brilliant suggestions as to what type of tattoo would be best for your skin type.

Tattoo art is gaining immense popularity world wide. Earlier people had a misconception that tattoo was being done by convicts or wrestlers or addicts. The conservative society always considered that women with tattoo art designs have poor moral values, are indecent and unhygienic and are not to be trusted. Because of many social prejudices and misconceptions people never wanted to get tattoos made.

But in current times, the perception towards tattoo art has undergone a substantial transformation. These days you will see lot of men and women supporting a lot of beautiful tattoos on their different body parts, whether back of the neck or forearm or wrist etc. A visible and artistically designed tattoo covers a large part of your body, such as your back legs or arms. We also specialise in making a tattoo sleeve or an attractive tattoo arm warmer. We make this by using a thin stocking like stretchable material which is then printed with tattoo art. Many teenagers and adults want the "inked" look but do not want to go through the pain of getting inked. Hence, they can get a wearable tattoo sleeve.

Now the demand for high quality and expressive tattoo art is at an all time high in the world.  We offer an endless variety of tattoos art designs such as cross tattoos, butterfly tattoos, star tattoos, flower tattoos, etc. There are plethora of choices in designs, size and form that you can get. There are different kinds of cross designs made by our artists ranging from Celtic crosses, to Catholic crosses, and many more. You can get Cross tattoos made which are symbols of spirituality and healing and are found in many Gothic designs. In addition, there are many kinds of star designs for tattoos made by our trained artists. They all have different meanings depending on the points and its orientation.

For example, the nautical star is one of the most popular star tattoodesigns for men in kolkata and represents protection as well as guidance. Butterfly tattoos represent femininity and are the latest craze among the youth. The stunning and intricate designs of the wings of butterfly are designed by leading tattoo designer in Kolktata working with us. Flower tattoos are popular designs among teenagers and crosses gender and culture. Every flower has its distinct meaning and is the main focus in the entire design and is depicted artistically in the image. For example, rose stands for everlasting love. It is best to choose a design with which you can connect and feel strongly about its imagery. Our tattoo artists in Kolkata will help you to choose from a list of the popular tattoos art designs. You can focus on designs that will truly stand for your spirit, style and character.

In this era of internet, you can visit our website and find your ideal tattoo design. Choosing among the hundreds of available tattoo art designs is a challenging task. A tattoo stays with you forever and thus you can choose the design carefully as per your choice. Our experienced tattoo artists will help you make a good decision. We offer tattoo designs which are drawn with proper attention to the detail. You can select from an array of eye-catching designs crafted by one of the best tattoo designer in Kolkata. You can pick from Celtic art tattoo or Tribal tattoos or other traditional tattoos on our website made by our finest artists. We offer alluring tattoo deals in Kolkata especial during festival season especially for the benefit of the customers. You can download the designs and show to our artist as a pattern for one's most desired tattoo.

Tattoos are an eloquent expression of your personality and style. Both men and women are taking to tattoo art in a big way and have tattoos covering their entire body. You can select your size, form and colour in our tattoo parlour in Kolkata according to your taste. The main objective of our tattoo studio in Kolkata is to offer this most distinctive form of art based on traditional and contemporary designs in a completely clean atmosphere.

Our prestigious clients hold us in great esteem because of our exclusive tattoo art and design. You can get distinctive portrait tattoos, colourful 3D Tattoos, serene Lord Shiva Tattoos, and dot work tattoos made by distinguished tattoo artist in Kolkata. Our customers feel elated with our imaginative tattoos, especially young girls and boys.

We are a team of illustrious artists with a creative bend of mind who earnestly try to do unique tattoos. Tattoo art is simply not a way of making money but is an expression of creativity of our artists. We get great satisfaction in creating imaginative tattoos as per the choice of our clients and are earnest to demonstrate our extraordinary skills in tattoo art. We are aware how to give shape your ideas and give honest suggestion to our customers as to which tattoo is apt for their skin type .

Our tattoo parlour in Kolkata is considered as the best since we give paramount importance to quality and thus is regarded as one of the most prestigious tattoo parlour in Kolkata. We use high quality needles, specialised inks, latest machine and use best quality of equipment.  As our artists are tattooing they use either disposable or sterilized needles. All work is done in a neat and clean manner taking care of highest sanitation standards. We focus on art and fashion with full ardour and zeal and are successful in satisfying the whims of thousands of our clients.

We offer beautiful customised designs. The creator, mentor and trainer of our workshop is one of the best tattoo artist in Kolkata. His work is well acclaimed and has carved a niche for himself in the field of tattoo art. He specialises in crafting tattoos in vibrant colours, excellent dotwork, and realistic portraits and makes sharp geometric designs. He has the skill and technique to cover up old tattoos with finesse.

Being a pioneer in this field we are actively engaged in giving the most creative tattoo designs. Indeed we have one of the best tattoo studios in the world. We believe in hard work, dedication and dignity of work. Our customers are the best judge of our creativity. Our clients always are amazed and awe struck as they see the perfect tattoo art on their skin. With Thunder World Tattoos you will have the services of most distinguished and illustrious tattoo maker in Kolkata who with his inventive art will definitely make you feel awesome about your inimitable tattoo.

So, without hesitation you can visit our tattoo parlour in Kolkata and get choices of tattoo designs made according to your taste and style.

Equally satisfied thousands of clients and our client is our God.

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