THUNDER WORLD TATTOOS, 25, Jodhpur Garden, Kolkata - 700045

Basic Course

☞ Traditions and History of Tattoo

☞ Proper tools and materials

☞ Art Skill Development

☞ Tattoo Technique

☞ Sterilization

☞ Stenciling

☞ Proper Hygiene

☞ Software Training

☞ Knowledge of Tattoo Machine

☞ Legal ways to practice tattooing

☞ Outlining Technique

☞ Shading Technique

☞ Color Mixing Technique

☞ Different styles of Tattooing

☞ Tattoo aftercare

Advance Course

☞ Advance Knowledge of Fine Art & Technique

☞ Tattoo on Human Skin

☞ Time management skills

☞ Dot work, Portrait, Cover Up, Custom, Flash Design

☞ Observation Session

☞ Health and Safety Standards

☞ Client Management

☞ Secretarial Training ( handling of the files, emails, phone calls, take ordering)

☞ Personality Development

☞ Communication Skill Development

☞ Tattoo Shop Establishment

☞ Tattoo Business Strategies

☞ Advertising & Marketing

* Tattoo is not just like a art It is a Big industry and there have lots of form & categories . it is different form of art but not like drawing. Our student known as very well what is Tattoo and we train and help our student to grow up there skill and also artwork. We give opportunity to business with us.

Student Works

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